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New Voice, Old Soul

Seattle based seventeen-year-old pop singer Laureli has been singing and making music since she could talk. Beginning on piano and guitar, she taught herself how to compose musical melodies and write stories though lyrics. After discovering Garageband, Laureli explored the world of music production and recording, and eventually upgraded to Logic Pro when she started to work regularly with a producer. Her unique pop trap sound is complemented with lush vocal melodies and powerful lyrics, drawn from influences like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone. As a lyricist, Laureli hopes to communicate her unapologetic opinions and emotions, her confidence, and self-love. Neon Tongue was Laureli’s most recent independent release, which is a twist on the emerging adlib-centric genre in hip hop. It has a fun, bouncy feel with punchy, metaphorical lyrics full of personality. Laureli makes it a point to play regular shows around Seattle to satisfy her passion for performing and puts out as much original music as possible.


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As a child, Laureli did everything possible to get in touch with music. Between lessons, choir, and singing whenever possible, she discovered her true passion early on. Throughout middle school, she picked up the guitar and began writing songs daily. Later, she learned composition, a cappella singing, and began producing with Logic Pro and Ableton. In September 2018, she started creating her self-produced debut EP, LOML. With the help of audio engineer/producer Knoxxell, it was released in November of last year. Currently working on new releases and live shows, Laureli's getting ready for a music-filled 2019.



"Laureli impresses on her debut independent release, Loml. A new voice with an old soul who does it all herself, writes, performs and produces. Her voice, her music." - Mark DiFlorio, Music Producer

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